Sunday, January 3, 2010

Thoughts-Success, a habit

The legendary Basketball player, Michael Jordon, was once making a television commercial.
The advert simply comprised of Michael Jordon missing a simple shot.
However, as Michael Jordon had mastered his art so effectively, it took over 20 attempts before Michael Jordon actually missed that shot.
Michael's mastery was so profound that he still succeeded even when he knew that he had to fail.
Success is a habit. It is just like smoking, drinking or gambling. The only problem is that it is more effective!
More importantly, once this habit is established, it becomes easier to succeed than to fail.
Eventually, it becomes so natural that it just happens. In order to fail takes more effort than to succeed.
Many people fear that success is hard to maintain. The truth is that it is a habit just like everything else.

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